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Descriptive Translation Studies - and Beyond book

Descriptive Translation Studies - and Beyond book

Descriptive Translation Studies - and Beyond by Gideon Toury

Descriptive Translation Studies - and Beyond

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Descriptive Translation Studies - and Beyond Gideon Toury ebook
ISBN: 9027216061, 9789027216069
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Format: pdf
Page: 322

Descriptive translation studies and beyond. Beyond descriptive translation studies (Anthony Pym, Miriam Shlesinger, Daniel Simeoni). In his book Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond,. The formulation of questions is an important aspect of any research programme, and it has been the basis for descriptive- explanatory research as well. The translation studies reader. It is divided into clear parts and presents a clear picture of the translation as a norm governed activity as apart of the Descriptive Translation Studies. Hermans 1985; Lefevere 1992; Toury 1995); and from a viewpoint that applies modern theories such as cognitive studies (e.g. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Company. Gideon Toury: Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond It is clear that Gideon Toury has made important contributions to translation theory with the systemic approach that he presented in his works. Is an intriguing domain about which translation scholars seem to know precious little, beyond a small number of accounts of isolated individual cases. Translating as within Translation Studies; otherwise why take up this topic in the first place ? Toury's article on the norms is a quite systematic one. €Normes et censure : ne pas confondre,” TTR XV/2, pp. (2005) Retrieved November 11, 2006 from He even put forward a framework of translation studies, which says that translation studies consists of pure and applied translation studies, with the former containing theoretical and descriptive studies and the latter containing translator training, translation aids and translation criticism. From then Translation studies will inevitably go beyond the confines of any particular discipline, as it has formed its own research objects, research methods and theoretical systems. Less immediate aims include the publication of the resulting anthologies and the dissemination of a corpus of literature that has not yet earned due attention in Portugal beyond academia. Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond. As will soon become clear, my choice of the word 'negotiations', in this .. The project By means of a website including a blog and a translation issues database, PEnPal intends to promote collaborative translation[1], teaching and research (with particular emphasis on translation studies and training, comparative literature and contrastive linguistics). Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins. Round credits Arthur Terry, the MA course external examiner for Essex University, with being the first to introduce a translation studies option on a language course, when he incorporated a translation module on the undergraduate 1981 & 1988/2001; Baker 1992); and more recently from a descriptive and cultural stance (e.g.

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